Considering their father useless they left him in a nursing home without even visiting him once, but after his death they received the will they deserved.


We all always want to discuss something pleasant in the morning, but it does not always work out. Sometimes we have to make concessions for our loved ones.
This old man needed special care,but his family didn’t want to understand him. His family members thought that the old man should be taken to a nursing home because he did not like their food and always complained. Living together in the same house was not so easy for them and every day more and more conflicts arose.

In fact, Vitya’s father used to live in the village and that’s his son that persuaded him to sell his house and move in to live with them. So the father agreed. However, not everything was as easy as it seemed. Good relations were very short-lived. Grandpa was even so stressed in that house that he left the house for a long time so as not to irritate anyone.

And one morning the son told his father that he should be taken to a nursing home, because his daughter would soon have a baby and the young family needed help. So they wanted to give his room to the newlyweds․The old man’s heart was broken. He was crying, but he did not want to talk to her son anymore. He even always gave all her pension to his son, and now his son is throwing him out… They promised to visit their father often ․․․ but grandpa knew very well that they would not come to visit him …

It was very difficult for him at first in the nursing home. He did not even want to eat. The son did not even come to see him once ․․․ and half a year later, he died in a nursing home, leaving a will. He bequeathed everything to Dasha, a volunteer who went to a nursing home every week to care for and talk to single elderly people. Strangers are often more caring than relatives.Because his son had treated him so badly, he bequeathed all the money he had saved to that kind volunteer, who was helping many with her boundless kindness. Everyone always gets what they deserve.

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