The homeless man cried day and night over the body of his faithful dog, who was hit by a car


This is a story about a very hambl man Don Raul and his faithful dog. He lives on the streets of Mexico.

Once upon a time happened a very heartbreaking accident and that went viral all at once.

Unfortunately, his faithful dog, named Sollovino, died after being hit by a car. The driver left him to die and left.

The homeless man was caught on the road cameras. They saw him cry for years after the death of his only companion.

In fact, Don Raul washes people’s cars for just a few coins. Unfortunately, this was not the first time in his life that he had gone through such a difficult situation, as Solovino had disappeared only a few months ago.

But this time he was found after one of the local businessmen helped Don.

The man has been living on the streets for several years. He is now in difficult conditions.

He also misses his loyal dog a lot. But even living in such conditions, he did everything he could to make his beloved puppy happy.

We hope that the kind man will find one cub again that will become his best friend and companion.

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