The blind dog, who survived a dogfight and was saved with more than 107 dogs, is finally in safe hands


Last year, more than 107 dogs were rescued from the biggest dog fight in Michigan.

Among them was the hero of our story today, a dog that suffered quite a lot of injuries after those cruel fights.

The Dinghy Nation is an animal wealth association based in Detroit, one of the most influential organizations against such atrocities.

Thanks to them, many lives were saved. They also receive support from various state law enforcement agencies.

Unfortunately, this sweet boy did not see and after being examined by a veterinarian, it was decided that he had probably lost his sight due to the trauma he received in that fight.

The dog immediately won the hearts of all the staff. They called him “Turkey Snack”. They also call him a King.

The dog is gradually adapting to his new life in the shelter, but of course he would be much happier if he found an eternal home and family, which with his love and warmth would help him forget the difficult days of the past even sooner.

Walking here is tiring for him, so the kind dog has his own stroller with which he goes vor a walk every day.

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