A man decided to go to a restaurant with his elderly father, where everyone was looking at them in disgust until one man shouted


One day, the man decided to take his father to a restaurant, who was very old and weak. When his father began to eat, pieces of food began to fall on his shirt and pants. People sitting at other tables looked at him in disgust and wondered why that man had come there for dinner.

But the son did not say anything to them and did not respond to their evil looks. When the father and son’s dinner was over and it was time to leave, the son got up from his seat and carefully helped his father stand up to take him to the toilet.

There he carefully and quietly cleaned his father’s clothes, helping him to wash his hands, and combing his father’s white hair with great care. Then he put on his glasses. When they returned to the restaurant hall, people looked at them again.

They all whispered indignantly about old mans behaviour in a public place where there are so many people. They do not like it when a person is sitting next to them, spilling food while eating disturbing others,and depriving them of their appetite. When they finished, the son paid the bill, and they were about to leave when a man from one of the tables shouted saying that they seemed to have forgotten something.

The son began to look around, check his pockets, and replied that they didn’t forget anything. Everything was in its place. And then the man said that he left something for everyone sitting in the restaurant. And he explained his words at that time, saying that they left a lesson for all the people there for each son and daughter, and also for their parents.

And they were all ashamed after those words ․ After all, one of our greatest responsibilities in this life is to take care of our parents, the people who once gave us everything they could, and also the most precious things in their life – their time and health. That was so touching ․․․

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