His mother’s last request simply astonished him and he began to cry after hearing it all․․․


Our parents are the most important ones in our lives, who are ready to du anything for us. They deserve the best treatment from us. We must never forget what they did for us even forgetting about themselves Yes, it is true that in old age it becomes difficult to take care of parents , cause sometimes their character starts to become complicated and many other problems arise.

Many are motivated by the thought that it would be better for both them and their parents to live in a nursing home, spending time with their peers. In fact, at that age they only need our love and care ․․․

This is a very moving story that will make many people think about their life. Their family consisted of a father, a mother and their son. After his father died, the boy decided to take his mother to a nursing home. After a few months the boy began to visit his mother very rarely. It even happened that he did not go to see his mother for months. And one day he got a call.

He was told that his mother was ill and had very little time left. The news shocked the boy and he hurried to the nursing home. It seemed that the feeling of guilt overwhelmed him ․․․ When he reached his mother, he bowed to her bed. The first thing the boy asked was what his mother wanted the boy to do for her.

And what she said to him was just so touching. She asked the boy to buy an air conditioner, as well as a refrigerator, because for the last few years she always went to bed hungry…

The boy just started crying at his mother’s words. He asked his mother why she had not told him about it earlier.

And she answered the following.

– I was able to get used to the hunger and heat here. It’s nothing. I’m just worried about you that if your children bring you here or somewhere like this, you might not be able to get used to those conditions.

And 5 minutes later the mother died in his arms ․․․

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