The poor dog was all bleeding and with a lot of injuries, but finally someone came to the rescue


… he has no ears and is covered with scars.

The dog was brutally attacked by two other dogs. An ambulance was called to transport the injured dog to the clinic.

He was rescued after two women heard a commotion while walking down the street.

They followed the sound and saw that two large bulldogs had attacked a dog. and they tore him to pieces.

They immediately called an animal rescue center. So the dogs were taken to a Greenville Animal Welfare Center.

The legend was completely covered in blood. His left ear was torn off and his right ear was in a very bad condition.

There were bite marks all over his body. The veterinarian was not sure if he would be able to save his life.

But happily the Legend was able to overcome his first operation. For several days, he was given fluids and placed in a feeding tube.

He began to recover step by step. As his medical expenses became more and more, they turned to Rescue Dogs Rock organization and it helped pay for his medical expenses.

It is true that the Legend has no ears and he is covered with scars but his hearing is good. His tail had finally begun to sway.

He felt very happy and secure. So happy for him.

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