The poor doggie cried all day long until someone noticed him and took to the clinic for help


Dogs are so loyal that they are ready for anything for us. So we, in turn, must do everything for them.

Even if they have problems, we should not be indifferent if they need help.

They never think for a second about helping the needy. The hero of this story is this dog that you see on your screens.

As you can understand, he has gone through many hardships. his poor dog left on the street was full of liquid.

Every day he waited impatiently for someone to help him and save him from that torment.

Finally, someone came to help when found the poor doggie.

The dog had to endure the sun of Thailand every day, where the heat was unbearable.

The fact is that the dog was actually pregnant, but the sad thing is that a lot of fluid had accumulated in his abdomen and she needed urgent help.

She was in a terrible condition and very weak. She was sent to a nearby animal clinic in Thailand. Her abdomen was too big.

So the doctors took out about 2.5 liters of fluid and then gave her some pills.

Fortunately, after the fluid leaked, her condition improved,… let’s pray that everything ends well.

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