The doctors did anything to save his life who was left on the bridge all alone and helpless


The dog, Dennis was no different from all the other dogs. But unfortunately ․․․ he was left on the bridge all alone.

He was left there completely alone and helpless. A young man named Gabriel Sepulveda was passing by when he noticed a dog.

He immediately remembered the Hope For Paws video, so he rushed to the rescue.

What the rescuers saw was just like a horror movie. It was indescribable ․․․

The poor dog was lying on the ground completely helpless and in a very bad condition.

He could not even move and was completely covered with ticks.

They took him to the clinic for appropriate care. One of the rescuers, Lisa, brought her dog, Lola, to donate blood for him, as the dog was found to be suffering from severe anemia. They did everything to save his life…

He was even visited by cardiologists, internal specialists, neurologists ․․․ but even this was not enough, unfortunately.

They fought for his life until the last second. But he died shortly afterwards. Never treat animals like this.

They do not deserve to be left alone and helpless on the street. Unfortunately, there are still many such indifferent people.

We hope people will start thinking about it and kindness will eventually win ․․․ Rest in peace, little Dennis.

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