”Bait dog” who had suffered a lot, has become the happiest being adopted by a very kind and caring person


This isHadi, the dog with an unusual and uniqye appearance, who survived the illegal conflict.

He has now overcome his phobias thanks to his new master, Erin Williams.

He became unrecognizable after taking part in fierce fights with another dogs.

Her skin was peeling off, so most of it had to be removed. After that he remained with one eye.

Hadi has finally overcome his phobias of other pets. He now plays calmly with them.

The pup is now 2 years old. According to the veterinarian, his injuries were attributed to his brutal fights as a “bait dog”.

Unfortunately, animals suffer because of such cruelty, which many people enjoy.

Since Erin did not know the exact date of the dog’s birth, he invented it, January 19.

At first, hearing screamings or noticing another dog was enough to scare Hadi, so his caring owner hired a dog trainer for baby to help him cope with his deep pain.

Now he is quite friendly. He already adores people, he expects everyone to touch him and love him. Hadi still has to wear sunscreen when he leaves the house.

Erin’s life was greatly influenced by the unique dog too, which helped him overcome his despair. Hadi always reminds him that it is time to go out for a walk.

Thanks to such people, the world becomes even more beautiful and kind. We are so grateful to them.

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