The dog behaved very aggressively towards the babysitter and what they found out was simply shocking


Killian, their dog, was becoming more and more aggressive towards their babysitter.This kind of behavior, of course, prompted that something was wrong. So they decided to put a recorder in their house to find out what happened at home when they were away.

As soon as they returned home, the parents listened to the tape recorder and then it became clear that the reason why their dog was so aggressive was that the nanny had injured and hit their little baby. They were simply shocked.

Then swearing and slapping were heard. The baby’s cry then turns from a low and weak cry to a real scream of pain. They could not believe that they had left their baby with the monster for so long and did not immediately pay attention to the dog’s restless and aggressive behavior when the nanny was present.

If the dog didn’t show that kind of behavior everything could end much worse. Fortunately, they were able to detect these atrocities in time and were just so angry.
According to the owners, he is a very friendly and calm dog, so showing so much aggression towards someone is a sign that something is wrong. We must always pay attention to the behavior of our dogs. They always notice and feel everything that we don’t.

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