The poor dog had been waiting for his family for days who moved away leaving him outside

Cupid sat silently and sadly looking at his beloved masters. He did not realize that they were about to leave home.

They cleaned the house, fixed the car and left. He was a little lost and confused.

Dogs have such a big heart that they can never understand this kind of human actions.

He believed that they would return soon.

One of the neighbours noticed him and immediately informed Gianni Guidu, the founder of Sperenza Animal Rescue, that this dog sleeps alone outside. It became clear to them that the owners had left the house and their dog forever.

When Janine tried to approach the dog, he was looking for food. He soon returned to his place because he was a little scared.

He tried his best to enter the house, trying to knock on the door. He seemed to be begging to open the door.

Janine could not leave him alone and wanted to help him. He was very scared.

He approached him to sit next to him until he calmed down and started to trust him.

Then he agreed to go with him by car. Although he still did not understand what was happening, it was obvious that he was much happier.

The dog was already at the vet and would soon be ready to go to a caring home.

Everything will be settled soon, because he is a very smart dog.

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