Abandoned dog had many serious injuries, but look at her happy face now


Delilah was a terribly neglected little dog. He was forcibly taken to a local shelter.

The little dog was scared when he first came here, which was quite understandable. All he knew in his life was indifference.

The rescue center was led by Chris and Marieza Hughes. They had encountered many different stories in their lives.

However, nothing prepared Chris and Marieza for what they witnessed.

Delilah was in a terrible condition. He was walking with great difficulty.

The poor dog was suffering from a previously broken jaw, which had not been properly treated before.

So Chris and Marieza brought him home and took a proper care of rhe poor one.

No matter how hard his foster family tried to take care of him, his health problems were too many and severe.

His front leg had to be amputated, all his teeth had to be removed. He had a long recovery period after the operation. But he overcame everything. He even looked great on three legs.

He soon became a full member of the family. Chris and Marieza could not have imagined life without this baby, so they decided to keep him forever. He has already got his own collar, pink of course.

His brothers and sisters cheered him on in the family when he arrived.

We are so happy that Delilah has finally found her worthy loving and caring home.

He is simply worshiped in his new home. He became very strong and active from a weak and helpless dog.

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