After being rejected by her family, elephant overcame all her difficulties after meeting his best friend


A shelter called Thula Rhino is dedicated to rescuing animals from poachers.

Workers also help heal wildlife in critical condition. This is the story of Ellie the elephant, who was rejected by her mother.

But some time later she meets a wonderful dog who helped her survive and overcome the difficulties of her life.

The first days in the shelter were quite difficult for the elephant. Because of his injury, he was constantly crying in one corner.

The poor baby refused all food and avoided contact with people. The baby also had a umbilical cord hernia which made it less likely for her to survive.

Because elephants are by nature very social creatures, the elephant caregiver Karen realized that Ellie’s loneliness only worsened her health.

It was then that he decided to introduce him to the German shepherd with a name Duma,who had just retired. The dog immediately accepted Ellie as his best friend.

He helped the elephant regain its desire to live again.

As het mental health improved after interacting with the dog, her physical health also improved, and she began to interact more day by day.

The kind and caring dog has become a super protector for his great friend. In spite of their huge differences, The kind dog Duma will always be Ell’s superhero and will never leave her alone.

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