They rescued him from his heartless owners and his transformation just amazed everyone


In October 2018, Mississippi Dog Shelter volunteers rescued several tormented animals from their heartless owners.

One of them was named Odin, an Alaskan Malamute. At first it was not possible to identify his breed, as he was found in a very terrible condition.

He was immediately taken to a veterinarian. A temporary owner was found for him, who had to take care of the poor one until he fully recovered.

This is how the process of transforming from a lean creature into a fluffy beautiful dog took place.

It should be mentioned that the dog was suffering from a skin infection, due to which he had completely lost his fur.

Odin also had diseases of the internal organs, many wounds, as well as a number of problems with his teeth.

His temporary guardian was Sidney Shelkopf, who took Odin home and cared for him. The woman says that at first Odin was lying somewhere, he did not know what to do.

He was confused and scared. After a while, the dog’s hair began to recover, and the wounds were slowly healing.

The woman continued to take care of the dog. The pet was becoming more and more beautiful in front of her eyes.

He looks great now and has thick hair. It is hard to believe that the dog we saw before is this same charming dog.

The woman loved the dog so much that she simply could not imagine her life without him. So the woman decided to keep the miracle dog forever.

They will definitely have happy days together.

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