The boy made an amazing lego stroller for his lovely pet, who was born with a rare disease


Grace, this handsome dog you see on your screens, was born with a very rare disease, without its front legs.

That’s why the former owners immediately threw him out of the house, leaving him homeless.

But fortunately, kind-hearted people found him and took him to a veterinary clinic in time.

The poor creature was in a very bad condition, because imagine how difficult it is for a two-legged dog to survive in the street.

He was soon assisted by kind veterinarians. After that he was adopted by caring people.

He was adopted by the Turley family, who owned an animal shelter. The family already had a paralyzed dog, and another with a missing leg, so they had the experience of caring for such pets and welcomed the dog with open arms.

Grace was growing up, so it was getting harder and harder for hin to move. He was too small for a stroller.

So 12-year-old Dylan decided to make a stroller out of his Lego blocks for his favorite pet.

The boy worked on this for two weeks, but the results exceeded everyone’s expectations. Very soon the miracle dog fully adapted to his new wheelchair.

He not only walked, but also ran. When the dog grew a little older, his caring family had already bought a stroller for adults.

Thus, thanks to this wonderful family, the dog has already had the opportunity to live a full life and nothing bothers him anymore.

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