After a whole one year he finally found his lovely puppy and started crying when the dog recognized him


A pup that was very small, once entered one of the shelters in Washington. However, he was different from other domestic dogs they had ever met.

Meanwhile, all the other pets that lived there loved to socialize and play with everyone.

However, he remained non-communicative; he did not communicate with other pets or the staff of the sanctuary, showing no interest in them.

If Roscoe was mistreated, it would be natural to do so, but there were volunteers who were fully committed to the activity because they adored pets.

It was clear that there was something bothering the dog, and the workers of the shelter worked out tactics to communicate with him.

They decided to post his photo on social networks.

And here is what happened after that. One of the farmers in the town, seeing this article, immediately went to the shelter.

He said that his favorite puppy was lost 3 years ago, he is very similar to Roscoe. The owner said that he tried to find the pet for a whole year but did not succeed.

When the man approached the room where the dog was, the dog suddenly approached him and began to smell. And after that he seemed to giggle.

He immediately jumped to his feet, running and wagging tail happily.

No one had seen him in such a state all this time. The owner began to cry when he saw that the dog still remembered him. What a happy ending!

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