The previous owner thought that his dog died 2 years ago, but the rescuers found him in a very poor condition


For a long time they did anything to catch a dog that was walking in the area near the mountains.

He was so thin that animal control considered it a miracle that he was still alive.

The poor one had lost a lot of fur and his bones could be seen through his skin. His appearance was very touching.

After going through so many trials, the dog was very scared of people, but he could not resist the cheeseburgers with which they decided to feed him.

The poor dog was really starving.

She needed prompt medical help, a caring home and a family. Streets or mountains are not suitable for dogs. He deserved to live happily and to have caring owners.

In the end, the dog was very carefully caught and taken away. At first, of course, he was scared, but then he felt very good and calm. Her name was Edna.

When they got to the vet, they first checked to see if he had a microchip. Imagine, he had one.

After inquiring, it turned out that its first owner had moved him into a new house years ago for some time.

After that when he asked them about the dog they told him that Edna was dead. How awful that is!

But in spite of the exciting news of finding his dog alive, its owner turned out not to be interested in taking the dog back.

Maybe it was really fate, because a happier life was waiting for him.

They took the dog to a caring foster home, after which he found his eternal home. She now has wonderful mother and caring sisters who simply adore her.

How happy we are that everything ended so happily and that the wonderful dog really got what it deserved.

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