The musician found a cat who totally changed his life, encouraging him during all his performances


One typical evening, when this man returned home, he found a cat in the hall. So at first James thought it was a neighbor’s pet, so he decided to close the door and leave the cat there. However, the cat was always there, when he came home from work.

He started examining the cat to find a collar, but he did not find anything and he also saw that the poor one had damaged his paw and he needed urgent treatment.

He decided to help the cat, whom he named after the character Bob, who played the villain in the mystical Twin Peaks.

Cats are known for their meticulous nature. They always choose their owners and know exactly to whom to give their love.

When James met this cat, it seemed that he gained inner strength.

He healed the cat’s paw and freed the cat from the infected lice.

After that, Bob did not even think of leaving him, and even willingly became his companion and encourager, sitting proudly and calmly on the musician’s shoulder during all his performances.

James’ concerts gradually began to attract more viewers who took videos and posted them on social media.

James and Bob already has fans who always come to the park to see them.

After Bowen gave an interview to a local newspaper, he decided to write a book about his fateful meeting with a cat.

The story soon captured the hearts of many. The book “Street Cat named Bob” has even been translated into many languages ​​around the world.

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