Dad wants to take the dachshund puppy off the pillow, but he does not give up, showing him his ‘cute eyes’ protection


Let’s just get acquainted with the bulldog. The thing is, if he does not want to walk in some direction, it is very difficult to convince him otherwise.

It is better to drag the statue than to persuade the bulldog to go where he does not want to go. Then look at this cutie who adopts different postures and runs for money.

We are going to meet a dachshund doggie with a name Apple. He sits on a pillow and scratches it, while the dog toy is placed six inches apart from him.

His father tells him alll the time to get off the pillow quickly. He then falls down and looks at him with an innocent look. Dad is very familiar with all this.

He can see this scene about 25 times a day, he can see through it. He is probably quite a patient person, he speaks in a calm and soft voice, or he is probably already tired, because raising a puppy is not as easy as it may seem. It’s quite a difficult job.

This dog does not want to leave the pillow and that’s it. His father tells him again to go down and play with his toys. Does he do any of that? Of course not.

Instead, he tries to use “Cute Eyes” effect, which can affect and calm even the most stern look. He gets off the pillow for a few minutes, but returns to it when he sees his father lying down to sleep. He finally surrenders. We hope he slept a little.

However, this is a puppy who knows how to win people’s hearts, he knows well and realizes the power of his wonder.

Okay, maybe take him off the pillow so Dad can relax and not get nervous. Even being too patient often does not help.

This was one of the few things that made her think that she could do so much more when she grew up.

It is simply impossible to resist the magic of Apple. He makes you forget all his wrongdoings.

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