This friendly dog extended his hand to passers-by every day and waited hopefully for his eternal home


It is really difficult to just pass by this little miracle, which is called Speck, without stopping for a minute and shaking hands.

Speck, who lived in the Baloch County Humanitarian Association, is now known for this interesting gesture.

He puts his sweet face between the two tubes in the cage and extends his little paw to greet all the passer-by.

This dog wants absolutely nothing except human love and warmth.

They say that when he reaches out his hand, he just wants someone to touch him and hold his hand.

He always becomes sad when the cleaning of his area is over and that person has to leave. This dog has been waiting for about a year and a half to be adopted.

Although his life was not easy, he did not lose faith and confidence in humans and animals.

He still believes in them with all his heart and wants to receive their love. No matter what kind of animals he have around, he is still ready to give love.

This dog gets a lot of pleasure from communicating with people.He will often lie next to a man if she sits next to him, and he will certainly always give a paw if someone touches him.

If someone starts scratching his stomach, he turns on his back and enjoys it.

Happily this kind dog has already found his eternal home and his sad eyes has finally become the happiest. So happy for him.

They need nothing more than our love and care. Let us all be kinder and take care of these wonderful creatures.

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