The owl became so close to this man who saved his life that when he came in, he hugged him with all his might


After receiving serious brain injuries, GiGi was transferred to Mississippi Wild Mind Rescue center.

Rescuers believe that it was caused by a car accident. He was diagnosed with a concussion, also an illness called aspergillosis, which, according to the doctor, is equivalent to pneumonia in humans.

He was so sick that he lost more than a pound during the whole therapy, which was too much for him, as owls like him usually weigh 2 to 5 pounds.

Douglas Pojeki, the president of the rescue organization, is the person who saved a large number of predators and is very popular with the public.

He is the person who can help Ji Ki regain his health and return to normal life.

It has also progressed from spoon-feeding to self-feeding. Gi obviously trusted her caring veterinarian, and one day she showed it in the most unexpected way.

Pojek had gone to Michigan to see his family and had left GiGi alone for some time.

When he returned, he checked on Ji Ji completely, after which he started hitting his head and, dancing on his arm.

Then, leaning his head on his shoulder, he wrapped his wings around him in a full owl arms.

There was a smile of pure happiness on his face, which showed how pleased he was to be reunited with his beloved one, who had cared so much for him.

Pojek had a lot in common with this wonderful owl and he was completely special to him. When he was a child, a large owl came and perched on top of their family barn.

Pojek and the rest of his family rarely saw the owl, despite his father’s frequent visits. He last saw an owl on the farm where Pojeki’s father died on the morning. After that he never returned.

That is why now, when he tells about the owl, he once mentioned that when that owl hugged him, he immediately remembered his father. How touching was the bond and love between them!

The owl will certainly be returned to the wild when it is fully recovered.

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