Meet, one of the most wonderful creatures of wild nature – caracals


The wildlife is so wonderful and majestic in all its aspects. This wild animal with such unusual eyes is so charming that it is impossible to pass by it indifferently.

And it is not often that people know him. When we talk about wildlife, the focus is usually on lions, tigers, leopards, and a few other species of animals.

But very few people tell about wild cats. There aren’t less amazing and beautiful animals among them, which deserve great interest too.

They stand out with their unusual appearance, and especially with their beautiful and unique eyes.

This charming and graceful predator, which is slightly larger than the size of a cat and has delicate veils on its ears, will capture the attention and heart of any person.

It is no wonder that in its natural habitat this cat was one of the domesticated predators.

Ladies and gentlemen, get acquainted, this is a caracal.

Some people think it’s the lynx, but it really is not. Caracal is smaller, thin and has a bright expressive color.

They have a beautiful red color, but their color can vary from light beige to bright red, depending on their region of origin.

These animals live in trees or burrows that they dig while feeding their young.

Caracals mainly eat rabbits, rodents, and birds.

These animals were trained in ancient times at dawn due to their greatest activity at dusk and were used as hunting animals in ancient Iran and India.

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