Rescuing this wonderful dog named Betty, the staff of the shelter realizes that she has recently given birth and rush to look for her cubs


First of all, want to mantion that Betty, today’s brightest hero, is a wonderful dog and very careful mother.

As the staff told, after the examination they revealed that Betty recently gave birth, but they couldn’r find her cubs.

The rescuers had high hopes that the mother dog had taken her cubs to a safe place.

They realized that they had to take quick steps to return the dog mom to its cubs.

As it was expected to snow, the staff wanted to speed up the search of the pups before it wasn’t too late.

They decided that the best way was to take Betty to where they had found her, hoping that she would eventually take them to her cubs.

Fortunately, everything happened that way. Betty was taken back to where they had found her, and she began searching for her cubs.

And he finally found them, his three-week-old cubs, which were four.

The staff took all 5 dogs back to the shelter to receive appropriate examination, care and also avoid the cold weather.

They took them to a very safe place and gave them care and love. The puppies were named Blanch, Rose, Sophia and Dorty.

By the way, that was inspired by “Golden Girls”. As for the mother dog, she was named Betty in honor of Betty White, who is one of the most popular actresses on the show “Golden Girls”.

All 4 newborn pups and a caring mother of dogs were successfully adopted, finding loving permanent homes.

All this thanks to the wonderful and kind staff of the sanctuary. All this happened thanks to their quick help, compassion, diligence and care.

A happy future awaits all these dogs.

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