Baby donkey playfully kicks her human dad whenever she wants his attention


Amari is a baby donkey who loves to kick her human dad, Jason.

Darla is Amari’s human mom, laughing nonstop on the sidelines while Amari tries her best to kick Jason.

Sometimes it hurts Jason because even if Amari is a small donkey, she has a lot of strength behind her kicks.

Running around her dad, Amari looks like the cutest and sweetest thing.

When Amari was born, she was rather sick but loved and cared for. She slowly got better and strong enough to annoy dad wherever he went.

They had no idea that Amari would grow up to be such a little brat with a big personality.

Wherever Jason goes, Amari will follow. She has come a long way from being born with such tiny legs.

As she got older, she got even more mischievous. Amari listens to her dad sometimes, and she barely even listens to her mom.

She continues to kick Jason to play around with him and get his attention.

Amari is a lovable ball of energy. It seems that she can’t get tired, and her mom and dad have to do everything they can to keep up with her.

Darla says that she will always be their baby, no matter how big or crazy Amari gets. Amari can’t get enough of playing around and irritating her parents.

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