After rescuing the baby fox, the rescuers take him to a rescue center for foxes, where he finds his ‘soft friend’


The creature we are going to tell about will definitely captivate the hearts of many with its unusual type and temperament.

This is an orphaned fox cub that survived and was transferred to the Natioոal Fox Welfare society.

It is an organization whose main function is to provide homeless foxes with care and love.

From the first day Pagli was taken there, he was treated, cared for and fed with great care.

The staff took care of him and the others with great warmth and love.

Fortunately, this little fox responded well to treatment and care. He gradually recovered and grew stronger day by day.

A few days later, he made a very cute friend. And he immediately got in touch with it and did not want to miss his beloved new friend.

It was a fluffy toy,and the beautiful fox began to spend all his time playing with it, even sleeping side by side.

They became an inseparable couple. This lovely fox is having fun with his favorite toy. It’s such a nice touch: warming up.

NFWS will take care of the little animal until it is old enough to be released into the wild nature.

Before reaching that day, the warm staff members here take care of him with all their attention, help him to live perfectly and develop normally.

It’s so good that nowadays so many wonderful organizations are being created.

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