This dog, whose previous owner closed his mouth with a metal muzzle and beat him with sticks, has now found his forever home


One kind rescuer found a Pointer mixture in the streets of Tijuana, who was only 2 years ols.

The poor dog, whome later they named Dwayne, was desperately looking for food, while the locals threw hot water and stones at him, disgusted by his deformed appearance.

The rescuer then found the previous owner of the dog, who turned out to have tied his mouth with a metal muzzle and hit him with sticks.

That person was serving a prison sentence for that heinous crime. After that Dwayne was left on the streets to take care of himself.

The situation worsened when he was attacked by two large dogs, causing severe head injuries, almost removing his ears.

Thanks to the rescuer, the baby fortunately reached the Helen Wood-ward animal center, an animal shelter located in California.

Despite the terrible treatment the dog suffered, he had nothing to offer but love to every person he met.

Over the months, specialists have repaired the problems of his front leg and elbow, as well as they also did facial reconstruction surgery, and due to it restored the deformity of his nose and mouth. Vet-Stem Biopharma, a well-known institute for stem cell therapy, has even offered to join the dog treatment process by offering the newest treatment.

They collect tissue from the animal and return the healing stems to the injured area.

The procedure usually costs about $ 2500, but the founder was so excited about the dog’s story that he offered to arrange everything for free.

The center provided laser therapy for facial rehabilitation. Laser treatments speed up the healing process, and reduced inflammation.

The story of this dog touched the hearts of thousands of people who helped raise more than $ 40000 for his recovery.

After a while, they prepared the dog to go to his eternal home.

After numerous appeals to find hisr eternal home, the center finally found a very kind and responsible person named Kelly Nellie.

Now Dwayne forgets his traumatic past and learns to live a normal life again. He has many toys that he plays with and loves very much.

And of course he adores his new mother, who does everything to make him happy and adapt to a new life.

Finally, after a long period of suffering, he is happy and can enjoy his life fully, leaving all the bad things in the past.

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