They Took That Dog To Prison. But WHY They Did It Brought Tears To My Eyes


Dogs are a gift to mankind. They have been by our side for a long time now and they have helped humans progress in a lot of different ways.

They are social and highly trainable creatures. And this is a very good combination.

Because of their friendliness and intelligence, we have used them for almost everything from legal and military works to something as complex as therapy.

Take for example the dog featured below.

This precious pooch is called Pax and he was trained as a service dog to help veterans.

He has been adopted by injured Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell, but he was trained in a women’s correctional facility.

One day, Bill decided to take the dog for a visit to the place where he was first trained. The dog knows exactly where he is as soon as he gets there.

You are going to be in tears when you see Pax finally reunite with his trainer.

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