Volunteers managed to save the dog just 5 minutes before euthanasia and now he has a happy and joyful life


This story is about a poor dog with a name Robin. According to that shelter workers he had a broken leg and should be brought to euthanasia.

That shelter did not even investigate him to be sure, and Robin was immediately put on the euthanasia list.

Happily, some volunteers of “Vet Ranch” managed to solve this issue in time and intervened 5 minutes before euthanizing Robin.

Luckily, they managed to save the poor dog’s life. According to veterinarians, it turned out that fog’s injury was just a bruise, so he was rushed to hospital.

After being properly examined, Robin received necessary treatment for his leg. He had only minor bruises, not even a broken bone.

Robin was completely happy with his loving veterinarian, he just felt so good in her arms.

By the time Robin was healed, he was feeling better, able to run and play freely. Thanks to this kind vet who did her best to care for the dog.

How good it is that he was saved from that cruel thing.

A month later, the wonderful hero of our story Robin found his eternal home, full of love, happiness, care, and he is now a feels very safe and comfortable, who loves when he is hugged and caressed.

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