This state has passed a law according to which it is already a crime to leave your dog outside


The animals living on the street are the most defenseless creatures on our planet.

There are so many people who just leave their animals in the cold streets.

However, in many places, it has started to grow high responsibility towards the animals.

Dogs can finally get the protection they deserve. At least in a one state;

According to the law, signed in Pnnsylvania, House Bill 1238(which is also known as a Librre’s law) is going to be considered a crime for residents to leave their dogs on streets.

That law particularly notes that dogs can’t be left outside at a temperature near to 32degrees or at a temperature over 90. FAINHAYLY DOWN, at the same time for more than 20 minutes.

Any residents violating this law may be subject to up to 7 years in prison and a $ 15000 fine. .

Since winter is near, the residents should immediately call 911 if they see a bad behavior towards the animals.

It would be good for it to offer more states to take steps and do the right thing to have an effect from this law.

We hopefully believe, that the bad attitude towards the innocent animals will decrease and people know that they shouldn’t be so heartless and and they don’t have the right to treat them badly

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