This gorgeous dog Corgi felt that the man next to him needed to be consoled and approached to help


He had spent her whole life with his loving master. But the woman was already old, she wanted Koran to go to a place where she could be taken care of properly.

Seeing her, she realized she could not let go of Cora and decided to adopt him.

The sweet dog still had so much love and kindness to give. He has an incredible temperament and his mother trained him as a therapeutic dog.

Korgi is excited to meet every person she meets, and he never leaves her mother. He is a big dog who always wants to be petted.

His gentle nature and character is always the first thing people talk about when they meet him.

He always approaches strangers just to greet them. He and his mother decided to travel.

There were a lot of people gathered together , but there was one specific person that he needed him more than the others.

The sweet dog was walking around greeting everyone he met, then decided to go to sleep, so the mother let go of her leash.

Before his mother knew it, when Cora woke up, she secretly approached a man. He sat down at his feet, and he began to caress her.

He said he lost his dog last night. He stroked her back and whispered how beautiful he was.

When he took out his phone to take a picture, he sat down directly in front of him, remaining motionless.

Somehow Cora felt that something was wrong with this man, and he needed him a lot.

He, being around with so many people, realized that especially this person needed him the most and hurried to console him.

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