The mother cat is rescued by kind people and gets a safe place to give birth to her eight kittens


This cat had a very cruel life on the cold streets, when he was brought to the Oregon Animal Friends Center, who was pregnant and infected with lice.

Fortunately, the cat Celeste had reached the right place and was able to give birth in a safe environment.

Celeste spent her whole life outside.A few days later Celeste gave birth to her 8 kittens.

Angela, one of the workers of shelter, decided to accept this mother and her kittens and give them a safe place to grow up.

The mother cat was shy at first because many things were unusual and new to her cause she had spent her whole life on the streets.

Fortunately, she was able to adapt to the new life, to show her charming nature to the people who took care of her.

Celeste was very protective of her kittens growing up there.

Cats needed their mother’s care at all hours of the day, and night. It was hard work, but she was always patient and careful.

The cat proved to be a wonderful mother who bathes and cares for her kittens. She lay on her side for as long as it took for all the babiesn to eat equally.

The huge amount of litter was growing fast, becoming overly fun and active.

Celeste was always by their side. The mother cat was able to take time for herself only when her babies were grown up already.

She adores sunbathing, greets Angela every morning and enjoys her day, as she wants.

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