The dog had an amazing and unforgettable party with all his friends celebrating his first birthday


The first birthday is a very responsible day, so this dog thought it was a good idea to celebrate with all his friends.

Mom got a few games, entertainment, and a party the bulldog would never forget. They organized a wonderful dinner.

There are Marvel’s siblings: two dogs, a cat and a lizard.

Despite all their differences and peculiarities, the siblings all get along very well with each other and they like to do everything together.

This birthday-party will definitely be unforgettable for him.

Marvel’s special day included lots of gifts, such as various treats and a crunchy pizza toy.

They played, ran around the yard, played “Stretch of War”, and the Sparrow (the only brother) was looked from the distance.

But the most favorite part of the party was the food, of course. And there was a lot of delicious food to eat.

The cake of the dog was made of oats, carrots and blueberries with a glaze of peanut butter on top, which in turn was served with cheese and chicken biscuits.

And for the bearded dragon, there was a delicious salad.

It can be said that the party was more than successful. Everyone was satisfied and happy.

The first birthday of Marvel’s life was celebrated in an unforgettable and epic style. It was just a wonderful party.

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