Cats, left on cold streets, seek shelter in her backyard, where they receive the help they need


One day a beautiful pair of kittens appeared in a backyard in Montreal, Canada. They were both wandering in the area, as if asking for help from passers-by.

Fortunately, the owner of the house, in the yard of which they had appeared, noticed the kittens on time and immediately provided help, rescuing them from the cold streets.

The woman decided to go looking for their mother or other kittens, maybe their siblings, as they were still very young, but she could not find anything.

However, she hoped that the mother would return to her babies, so she spent the whole day watching the street.

When night came and the mother of the kittens did not come, the lady decided to make a small shelter in the garden, covering them with blankets and providing them with water and food.

When the woman went to see them the next morning, she saw that they were sleeping hugged each other.

As it became clear that these two little brothers were abandoned, the woman brought them home and then called the local Chatons Orphelinse Montréal rescue team for help.

The furry duo were named Sirius and Celeste, and they were both delighted to receive the much attention and love they needed most at the time.

They started a new “journey” to a new and warm life after being examined by a veterinarian. They were no longer so shy, they gradually became more active.

As Celine explained at first the kittens were a little hesitant, but they quickly became interested and started playing.

In just six weeks, they had evolved from two sick, weak kittens to two strong ones, thanks to the woman who picked them up, thanks to all the attention received by the staff.

This duo has formed an inseparable bond of brotherhood and cooperation.

According to the staff, despite the fact that Celestine is the older brother, the two brothers do not share the same character and personality.

Celestine is wilder and Sirius is softer and sweeter. Every night he goes to bed like a baby.

If he wants more hugs, he turns on his back and growls when we touch him.

And what refers to Celestine, he is a curious little cat. He is always interested in what is happening around him.

If he has to share his lunch or toy, he becomes irritable. He enjoys playing with his brother and other cats living there.

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