This little girl and her faithful friend are so wonderful and have conquered the whole world with their cute pictures


The connection between dogs and babies is simply inexplicable. They can get along so well that everyone just admires.

Dog with a name Echo, the Great Dane was almost on the verge of euthanasia as a puppy because he was blind and deaf.

Fortunately, before that could happen, Marion Dwyer came in and, at 12 weeks, saved the baby’s life and took it home to Niagara Falls,located in New York.

It was there that something very special happened. After some time Marion got pregnant and the doggie seemed to know that his future best friend and little sister was in his owner’s womb.

Big Dane paid so much attention to it all. When Jenny was born, her owner immediately took Echo to her.

From the first moment of their meeting, they both became inseparable, they did everything together – eating, hugging and of course playing. And when they walk, Jenny insists that she tie the knot.

You can see below where Jenny was walking near Big Dan, which just shook the Internet and captured everyone’s hearts.

Since Jenny is still speechless and Eco is deaf, their beautiful friendship is based solely on touch and emotional connection.

Both of them trust each other the most, it shows their incomparable connection.

This particular story deserves the most attention the world can give.

I have never seen such a wonderful relationship between a little girl and her dog before, and seeing it definitely warms my heart.

They just transfer pleasant and positive charges even from the screens.

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