The stray cat became the happiest when she was rescued with her 6 kittens and got a loving family


An unknown and terrible fate awaits the animals living in the streets.

They have to fight for their lives every day, and especially if they have babies, then also for their lives.

A stray cat and her 6 kittens have been found in Los Angeles.

At that time, the kittens were only 2 days old and needed basic care.

Jen Marder, one of Wrenn Rescues volunteers, saw the cats, approached and took them home.

The mother cat instinctively understood that she wanted to help and would not harm her c kittens.

They built a comfortable home for the sweet family, where the mother cat could feel safe with her kittens.

Every time her foster mother entered the room, Calico’s mother begged for attention and love.

Cleo (on behalf of Cleopatra) feeds six hungry mouths and enjoys watching them grow day by day.

She is incredibly beautiful, she takes care of all of them with love, she does not give preference to any of them. She loves them equally.

Cleo enjoys being loved by her kittens and receiving a lot of attention and love from her owners.

Cleo began to retreat, spending most of her time with her foster family when the kittens were weaned and learned to play.

Cleo can not hide her love for her kittens.

The kittens are very friendly and playful. It is so good that they did not stay outside and were saved on time by kind-hearted people.

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