The dog, which was previously on the euthanasia list, was saved by a kind girl and now have the happiest life


Kilo is a dog that has had a very difficult life in the past. He was starved to death in a backyard where he was used to breed dog litter with puppies, after which he was eventually left in a California homicide shelter.

It was there that he met Candice Miller, who was there as a volunteer. At that time she had three dogs and didn’t think of taking another dog.

Still, there was something about Kilo that fascinated him.

She made him develop her confidence in people, but he still did not have enough confidence to attract the interest of adoptive parents.

As a result, two months later he appeared on the euthanasia list.

On his last day, when Miller contacted the asylum, they told her that Kilo had been placed in a detention center, after which he would be taken to a murder room.

She immediately got in her car, hurrying to save hem.

The girl says that Kilo came into her life at the moment when she needed him the most. Fortunately, they are very happy now.

Shortly after his arrival, Miller took 3-day-old Penny, who needed constant care. To this day, Kilo and Penny are best friends. Now the puppy has become a healthy doggie who adores his father. And although Penny will always be special to Kilo, the male continued to help Miller raise about 200 puppies.

His foster children love him. they play with him and test his patience, which Kilo has to save with shovels.

Kilo is a wonderful caring father, despite the fact that he has seen many of his cubs come and go when he is used as a breeding dog.

Despite those difficult days of the past, he has now finally found his happy and beloved life.

After Kilo joined their family seven years ago, Miller moved to a large area in Oregon to accommodate her growing dog family.

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