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The dog, who played a role in the movie ‘I am legend’, has turned 13 already


Look, this is a dog named Abby, who played the role of “Sam” and starred with talented actor Will Smith in the action movie “I’m the Legend”.

He is now 13 years old. It’s been 10 years since the action movie hit theaters, and Abby is still doing well.

She now lives with her coach, Steve Berens, and her family.

He is quite old now, and he hears almost nothing. But he still hits, he still loves the ball and of course he loves the bone.

As Steve mentioned, when you work with a lot of actors, they are not so interested in animals.

Many actors see it as something the audience will look at instead, nothing more.

But Will was not like that at all. He realized that this was his partner, he really took it very seriously and with great enthusiasm.

He really liked her, and because of that everything turned out even better.

It turns out that when the famous artist was a child, he lost his beloved pet in a car accident and promised never to have another dog because of his grief.

But Abby changed that, he even asked Steve Berens if he could keep her. But it is clear he now has a family, so it was one of the Hollywood star’s Hollywood romances.

Nevertheless, he is a wonderful person and actor.

What a wonderful story about 2 lovely heroes! You can watch these videos of Willie and Abby working together, and you can notice their powerful connection.

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