Meet The pink beauty Rosefinch, a little chubby bird that is too perfect to be in the real world


This wonderful bird is the so-called Rosefinch, a beautiful pink bird, which ,you will definitely agree, looks perfect.

Have you ever met a bird that looks like a cotton candy or a flying ball? Some people think that these unusual birds just meet only in fairy tales.

They are just too perfect to be in the real world. But the fact is that they exist in nature.

The fact is that you just did not have the opportunity to see them for real.

The pink-colored beauty is one of the most amazing birds in the world.

The little flying creatures have the most charismatic raspberry pink fur, making them gorgeous and distinctive wherever they appear.

It is noteworthy that this pink is a little deeper in the abdomen. Unlike the pink body, this bird has eyebrow patterns and weak stripes on the back.

This type of bird does not look like a male. Males have charming pink feathers, while females are mostly brown with white striped eyebrows at the bottom.

Their cheeks and throats are lighter than those of males. The pink bird is from the family of Fringillidae.

They can be seen in many countries, in sea forests, and also in subtropical-tropical high shrubs.

The main food of this finch is herbs, berries and some seeds.

When the breeding season starts,the female builds a nest in bushes, 2 meters above the ground.

Than he lays eggs in the nest, starts to incubate them, and feeds the babies until they are fully grown.

Presently, the pink bird’s population is quite rich and diverse due to its large habitats.

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