A dog, that had been stolen, was rescued from a cockfighting ring and reunited with his owner


We encounter so many inhuman steps in life that even in many cases we can hardly believe that there are so many heartless and cruel people.

They can use innocent animals without a twinge of conscience.

One of our today’s heroes, a pit bull , went tgrough a similar situation.

Unfortunately, this poor pit bull was found in a terribly bad condition and was rescued from the rooster ring.

The police officers found its owners, and fortunately they reunited. It was a truly moving and memorable moment.

The dog owner April became desperate after losing her beloved companion and started looking for him everywhere, but in vain.

She could not understand where his beloved dog might be. She even offered $500 to anyone who would help him find her beloved pet or if someone could find and return him.

But everything was in vain. Thus, the woman lost her last hope of meeting her beloved friend again. It was really disturbing for her and unbearably painful.

But you will not believe what happened next. A few years later, April saw photos of her pet on the Facebook page of a shelter. And imagine the excitement!

She immediately called for shelter. The meeting took place soon. It was a really emotional meeting.

April was shocked to know that her dog was already the mother of several cubs.

Here is the happy ending to this exciting story.

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