These special bags designed for cats help them adapt to humans and find eternal homes more easily and faster


Ten years ago, the staff of Boston’s Animal Rescue League discussed wild cats needs with a skilled tailor volunteer.

4-month-old little kittens can become members of a pleasant, loving family, but at first they require contact with people, which can be time consuming, and it is natural that shelter workers may not have that much time for all of them.

So the goal was to have something that would allow the kittens to move while keeping their hands free and while allowing staff and volunteers to perform a variety of tasks.

And it all worked out. Babybjörn is a baby carrier bag in which a parent attaches his or her baby to the body, and kitten can acts in the same way as it used to.

It’s just a vest that staff and volunteers can wear with a net bag on the front so that the kittens can sit while the one who takes them goes to do their regular activities.

Its design allows the kitten to be stimulated with a safe bag, while the wearer is constantly monitored.

ARL has been using vests for the last 7 years and wants to increase the quantity of them so that they can use them in the future.

Since ARL started using these smart vests, the process of interacting and adapting to the environment, has accelerated considerably, even as wild kittens are now ready to be adopted in just 48 hours, and sometimes even sooner.

Moreover, it is also quite convenient for cats, as they feel quite well and start meowing as a sign of approval.

Sometimes a kitten can start meowing in just an hour, sometimes it takes a few days, but they have proven to be useful in trying to socialize kittens quickly over the seven years of using them.

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