The man who once saved the life of the mother wolf and her pups, 4 years later was saved by her


This is how it all started. One usual day while walking in the forest, a man met a wounded wolf.

Seeing that the wolf needed his help, he save him, but not instantly and in some ordinary way. He did not know at the time what would happen to him in the future.

At first he was scared to death and stopped. He soon realized that the wolf’s paw had fallen into the trap.

He approached the exhausted and wounded wolf. He also thought that must have pups cause nthe walf was full of milk.

Not knowing what to do, he went to look for his pups, hoping he could help them.

When he found the den he started to call his hungry pups, cause they’re missing at that moment.

He took the pups, put them in a bag and took them to their mother.

The wolf promptly sensed the smell of the pups and started to call them. The babies went to their wounded mother and the wolf mother soon fed them.

Knowing that he also needed food, the man went and took the dead deer he had seen on the path and brought it to the wolf.

The fact that the wolf had enough food for a few days, the man decided to set up camp nearby, and in the meantime he was thinking of ways to free him.

In the morning he found the little pups in his place playing while their mother was watchind calmly and this gave him a good idea. he could achieve the wolf’s trust through his pups. He began to approach the wolf, talk to him, feed him, until he finally allowed him to approach him. Finally he was able to free his toe.

Instead of running away, the wolf showed his gratitude by calling the man and inviting him back to the forest. There the msn saw pack of 8 wolves, which greeted him with loud howls.

He spent some time there until it was time to leave. The wolf and his pups looked at him as if they were saying goodbye. But do not think that their story is over.

4 years later after that case the man decided to return to the forest. He returned to the place where the wolves once lived. And there he came across a enormous bear, which started chasing him. The man did not know what to do and suddenly he started to call the wolves.

It is simply astonishing that the wolves came running and frightened the bear, saving his life. When the bear left, all of the wolves left,except one of them. He realized that it was the same wolf he had once rescued․

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