Pet Chickens Are Here To Stay And They’re Nothing To ‘Baaawk!’ About


Connecticut’s mom, Tara Cook-Litman, bought 13 chickens when she could not make it to the store. She said that with the lockdown in place, she was, “unsure how she would feed her family.”

She has a garden already, but no way to get her family eggs. So, she added the hens to the family.

They have transformed their backyard into a chicken farm. There are multiple coops and houses and what appear to be things the chickens can climb on.

Chickens lay about 2100 eggs in their lifetime. However, these chickens are still a little too young to be laying eggs.

Tracy Torres, CEO of My Pet Chicken, says that they have seen a recent uptick in business.

Their numbers have skyrocketed, and they have seen around 500% growth in the sale of baby chicks.

The reporter asks Tara the question that I am sure is on everyone’s mind, “Do you plan on eating these chickens at some point?”

Tara answers with an emphatic “Absolutely not, the chickens are here to stay.”

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