A dog walker from New York takes 15 dogs for a walk every day and gets incredible pictures with his sweet “clients”


Anyone who keeps a dog at home knows that having a pet is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

Most likely, all dog owners are familiar with the painful feeling of having to go to work every morning being accompaոied by the most unhappy eyes in the world.

It is difficult to leave the dog at home all day long, but it is even more difficult to go out with them in such bad weather in the evening, because there is no other option.

That’s why the dog walking service named ‘S aratoga dog walkers’ has appeared to help dog owners with such problems.

The owner and CEO named Tim Pink every day posts beautiful photos of walks on Instagram, where he manages to take up to 15 dogs for walks.

Dogs go for a walk together every day, acquire useful skills, train, and enjoy it, which is the most important.

It is surely very difficult to deal with 10-15 large-sized dogs at a time that they may be fighting or misbehaving.

But everything seems to be going great in the team.

He treats them perfectly. Every day they patiently wait for him to take another picture, then walk together again and behave very smart.

The dog walking program started in 2011 and has become popular already with locals, who are in all likelihood not surprised to see 15 dogs walking together and just one boy walking with them.

The team not only takes the dogs for a walk, but also helps them to behave better if they have such problems in their families.

This is just an awesome program and a great help for people who keep dogs and also need some help.

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