This dog wandered the streets and was ignored by people until kind people finally noticed him


It’s a pity to mention this, but sometimes it’s better for the animal to stay in the street, than to have an owner who is indifferent or, even worse, cruel.

Sadly animals often suffer from heartless people,from their cruelty and irresponsibility. There are some owners send their pets out to survive on the streets.

Just never can understand how people can be so cruel. So that the dog couldn’t find its way home and come back, they decided to take the dog to a distant area in the city of Kursk, which was located in the forest. This is even worse.

At first, the dog wandered the streets in search of its own home. He could not even comprehend what was happening and how insensitive people could be.

Fortunately kind people began to feed the poor dog, and called him a Squirrel.

The stray dogs of the streets did not like the poor lonely dog immediately, and he had to fight off their attacks.

Then the dog found a place for him to sleep inside a rusty car, which was located in the factory area. The dog got all soiled in the fuel oil, which covered his whole body. Soon the fur fell and stuck together.

People around him tried to help him get out of that bad situation, but nothing helped. Once some kind volunteers found out about the dog and rushed to help him.

He was taken to a specialist, who examined him and put in order. After spending some time there,already the clean, neatly dressed dog was taken to his new owners.

The dog Squirrel now lives in a comfortable new home where he receives love and care.

How good it is that after such a difficult life, he finally found his caring family to help him overcome the bad memories of the past and integrate into his new happy life.

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