The cat could not stand without its owner and was always got upset until the man decided to take him to his workplace


One day one officer named Andy Simmons met a cat, which was running down the highway and decided to take with him home.

They became friends, but because the cat was already too old and sick, it soon just disappeared.

It was very difficult for Andy to overcome this loss, because in a very short time they became quite close and got used to each other’s presence.

Some time later, when he learned that one of his friend’s family was looking for a cat owner. Andy instantly agreed to adopt him and take home.

The fluffy sweet kitten was named Mercy. It turned out that she is quite friendly, active and kind kittie.

Her joyful life was overshadowed only when he went to wotk, cause cat always missed her owner too much. It was simply insufferable to see his sad eyes.

Then his owner Simmons tried to negotiate with management to get the cat to work with him.

So fortunately, Andy got the necessary permission. But not all of his colleagues liked the idea of bringing the cat to work.

However, Mercy was so kind and obedient that she soon easily won the love and attention of all the staff working there.

Now the sweet pet goes to work every day with its beloved owner, Andy. This is how it works: if he is satisfied, then everyone is satisfied.

Mercy already knows how to behave in the workplace, but she can not control her emotions when she sees Andy. The cat promptly jumps into his lap, asking him to caress her and hug also tightly.

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