The 3-day-old baby seal was asking for help and protection from passer-by


Օne day the staff of the yacht club in Strelna noticed a small creature crawling slowly on the ice.

At the beginning the workers it was a dog, but after a closer look they saw a Baltic baby seal.

Staff reported about him to the activists of animal rights, who rushed to the scene.

Examination showed that the little baby was born 3 days ago, as evidenced by his incompletely dried umbilical cord. It also turned out that the fluffy animal is a female.

Due to the abnormally warm winter the baby seal appeared earlier than the appointed time, cause under normal conditions, it should have appeared by the end of February.

The baby seal needed special care and they did everything for it. Favorable conditions were created for him to grow and develop, then the child was fed a mixture of fish oil and minced meat every 2-3 hours. Fortunately, the safe hands didn’t allow the poor baby to die.

He was later freed from that place to the sea, and has not been seen since.

This is not the first case when seal babies are found helpless, we humans are their only savior in such situations and we should not leave them in such bad conditions and leave.

Due to the group of animal lovers, the baby got the opportunity of a new life.

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