Poor puppy who had been thrown into a garage truck was spotted by volunteers and rescued


It would be so good for each animal to find its eternal home and have a happy life. These innocent creatures deserve the best.

Although we always wish good things to animals, some bad people abandon their furry friends without a sting of conscience.

The puppy is abandoned in the landfill, but in the worst case, it is only a bad situation that someone has injured the animals.

They try to find food in landfills in order to survive day by day.

The most accessible place to find food for stray dogs is the landfill. The puppy is so small that he was buried in a landfill, surrounded by huge sharp fragments.

Fortunately, a group of volunteers found the dog on time. A team of volunteers quickly rescued the dog until things got worse.

After that, the dog was taken to a rescue center and received treatment.

The veterinarian noted that after examining the dog, the dog’s health condition is relatively stable. A dog is lucky when there is no serious injury or illness.

The dog can drink clean water after a long struggle to survive in the dump. He is supplemented with vitamins and vaccines to increase the dog’s resistance.

This adorable puppy was miraculously saved.

After escaping from that terrible dump, the dog received the care it needed in the shelter. The dog deserves such great love and care.

The dog enjoys a healthier life thanks to the quick action of rescuers.

This proves that kind and reasonable people can slowly change the world and set an example for others.

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