Cat Surprises Foster Mom With Litter of Sweet Kittens


Lucy Laucht is a caring human who brought a foster cat into her home when local shelters were in need. She quickly noticed Kiki, the cat, gaining some extra weight but thought it was because she was getting comfortable.

Soon enough, Kiki was nesting and quickly became fatigued. Concerned, Laucht called around, and every vet said it sounds like she was about to go into labor.

In denial, Lucy assumed her feline friend was feeling ill.

It wasn’t until the first kittens head was poking out of Kiki that Lucy came to terms with the surprise pregnancy.

Her favorite four-legged friend gave birth to three healthy kittens that will melt your heart.

Huxley and Pancake are the cheekiest kittens and found a loving home just down the road from where they were born.

Lucy ended up adopting Kiki and the quiet and smallest kitten, Orwell. Mom and Orwell are getting along swimmingly, and Lucy couldn’t be happier.

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