After receiving cruel and indifferent treatment, the dog hesitates to return into that scary world, to people


Stray animals are vulnerable to almost everything. They must constantly struggle with the many challenges they face in life.

A dog trying to find food was tragically hit by a high-speed motorcycle. His injuries were so severe that no one was sure he would survive.

But, fortunately, he fought for his life and lived. Fortunately, the man was caring and came to help, and then the rescuers came immediately.

The cub, later named Black Bangpakong, was injured so badly that he could not even sit on his own. The severity of the accident affected his face the most.

He was bandaged, given fluids and painkillers, and then lifted and put on a stretcher. He was then taken by ambulance to a veterinary clinic.

When the painkillers started to work, he calmed down and he started to trust his new friends.

The rescuers moved to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible, and Black was immediately brought in. When they arrived at the clinic, the veterinarian examined him thoroughly. He was already feeling a little better.

The veterinarian said that one of his eyes could not be saved. They should do an operation in the next morning and he had to sleep well.

Happily everything went successful. The veterinarian successfully removed his right eye. He could still see, but the most important thing was that his life was saved.

Within a few days, Black was getting better enough.Black looked out the door of the veterinary clinic.

He was not sure when he would be able to leave the veterinary clinic again. Black did not trust it so much, he thought would not be safe beyond those doors anymore. So the veterinarian brought him to the sidewalk.

The dog sniffed the surroundings. He was trying to see the world in front of him with one eye.

He was always thinking: Will the world outside be as cruel as it used to be or will everything change? When the brave dog gathered courage, something inside him changed.

His big and brave heart could not give up. He has gone through so many hardships, but he is ready to trust people again and find an eternal home and a loving family.

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