Abandoned Kitten Goes on Trip of a Lifetime After Being Rescued by Tourists


A kindhearted couple was vacationing in South Africa when the borders got shut down due to quarantine.

While they stayed at their hotel for a bit longer, they noticed a tiny black kitten abandoned entirely.

Acting quickly, they smuggled the little feline into their hotel room and began to nurse him back to health.

The caring duo decided to name the gorgeous cat “Zulu” and knew they had to bring him home to Brazil with them.

Once the borders were open again, they were told they couldn’t get on the plane with the cat and that he’d have to be shipped all the way to Brazil.

Not taking no for an answer, the woman put Zulu inside her sweater and walked through security.

They safely boarded the plane and arrived back in Brazil with no issues.

The rescued kitty is growing at a healthy rate, coming into his personality, and can’t get enough of his loving new owners.

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